Baima Trade Center

Baima clothing wholesale market, is the boss of Guangzhou clothing wholesale industry, mature women's clothing, the price is the highest in the same clothing wholesale market, styles tend to mature, fashion styles are also many, there are many women's clothing brands in China from the start to the monopoly, so I want to Looking for high-quality women's clothing can go to the white horse clothing wholesale market. On the first floor, the fourth floor, the fifth floor, the style and quality of the women's clothing are relatively good, the price is also higher, most of them are famous, the quality is good, some women's styles are also very delicate and fashionable, the second floor, the third floor is mainly small workshops Produced, as well as the white horse clothing wholesale market underground "West effect shopping mall" is mainly to do women's trousers and small shirts, the grade is much lower, the style is general, but win in the style of the public, sales, the sixth floor is mainly high-end men's clothing. Baima Trade Center Find the major B2B Apparel & Fashion Trade Shows resource online in the USA. ... Online fashion resource exclusively in our store which is a fashion trade marketplace where retail buyers shop the latest styles.

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